Injury Prevention

Essential Rehab strives to help everyone become healthier and better functioning in all aspects of their work and home lives. Through the provision of education and treatment from our qualified and highly trained therapists who are committed to health and well being for all. Prevention of injury improves health and more cost effective long term for all parties involved.

Ergonomic Workstation Assessments

What is involved?

  • Performance of a Ergonomic Workstation assessment with a trained Essential Rehab Occupational Therapist will assist you in addressing any issues/symptoms reported and/or assist with returning an injured worker back to work and into a safe and functional environment.  Your Occupational Therapist will assist to identify any adjustments or recommendations that can be made, along with providing clear and helpful education regarding symptom management, manual handling techniques, postures, assist with maintain work duties or to assist with a return to work process;
  • Development of reports:
    • Development of a comprehensive, clear and informative report including details regarding the functional assessment of the individual relating specially to their workstation, equipment needs and recommendations (costs and details of items as requested), opinions, work capacity and duties, symptom management and recommendations to assist with ensuring a safe and meaningful return to work process or maintenance of a role with reduction and management of symptoms;
    • Development of a brief report including details of adjustments made, recommendations for equipment and education provided to assist with reduction in symptoms and improve function.

Pre-employment Screening (Functional Assessments)

What is involved? 

  • Essential Rehab also has the ability to develop programs such as pre-employment screening tools to further assist companies and their growing needs in reducing potential onsite injuries by ensuring their employees are physically suited to the work required to be performed.

Soft-tissue injury management and treatment (onsite)

What is involved? 

  • Essential Rehab offers onsite hands on treatment and clinical support aiming to attend and mitigate possible injuries when the early signs of discomfort arise in muscle, tendon and ligaments.  This assist to reduce possible total numbers of injury claims while also providing early treatment to injuries and reducing soreness experienced by workers on a regular basis, while also boosting staff moral and health.  Regular contracted services can be arrange onsite. Please contact us to discuss your needs and requirements to we can develop a package to suit your needs.

Task Analysis to assist with risk management and development of job

What is involved? 

  • Essential Rehab consultants are trained to assess the current Job Demands and identified any risks associated with tasks/roles.  This involves the analysis of postures, movements, forces, repetition, prolonged postures, environmental factors (heat, weather, dust, etc.), equipment, materials, training requirements, and other factors that impact on individuals when performing a role.  This can assist further with pre-employment screening (functional assessment) development, injury prevention strategy development and implementation, suitable duties program development and implementation and assist with other health and safety associated business functions.