Injury Management

Essential Rehab prides itself on positive, cost effective and successful return to work injury management assessment and solutions throughout Queensland including the greater South East (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surround areas) and Far North Queensland (Cairns, Atherton Tablelands, Innisfail and surrounds).

Worksite assessments and Suitable Duties program development (and monitoring)

What is involved?

  • Attendance to a work site assessment with a trained Occupational Therapist who will assist you in returning an injured worker back to work with safe and successful planning with both the injured worker and the employer.  Your Occupational Therapist assist to identify those duties that can be safely performed by the injured worker, along with providing clear and helpful education regarding symptom management, manual handling techniques, postures, etc. to assist with a successful return to work process and Injury management.
  • Development of a suitable duties program (graduated work program) with detail including duties and hours, recommendations (education provision) that assists injured workers improve their functional capacity and ‘work fitness’ during their progression towards goal of the worker returning to their pre-injury duties and hours. Assistance can also be provided to monitor and assist with the progression of Suitable Duties Programs to both support the worker and the employer during the process.
  • Development of a clear and informative report including details regarding the site assessment, function capacity, symptom management, work duties and recommendations to assist with ensuring a safe and meaningful return to work process;
  • Provision of monitoring of both the worker and the workplace to ensure a safe and successful return to work process. This allows for the early identification of concerns, continued reinforcement of education and recommendations made and provision of detailed communication and feedback to all key stakeholders involved in the program.

Work Based Functional Capacity Evaluations

What is involved?

  • Performance of a Work Based Functional Capacity assessment with a trained Essential Rehab Occupational Therapist will provide general functional information directly relating to work capacity and readiness to participate in a return to work program.   The individual is requested to demonstrate their function capacity in line with the identified tasks involved in their pre-injury role and available suitable duties.  This allows for an opinion to be made regarding safety to return to the identified roles and also assist with the identification of alternative or suitable roles/duties within the workplace.
  • Development of a comprehensive, clear and informative report including details regarding the functional assessment outcomes, opinions, work capacity and duties, symptom management and recommendations to assist with ensuring a safe and meaningful return to work process and/or identification of ability to perform pre-injury duties or requirements for possible alternative roles/duties.

Job placement services (host employment) and Initial Needs Assessment What’s involved?

  • An initial needs assessment identifies the physical, psychological and vocational/occupational rehabilitation needs of an individual to achieve an optimal outcome post injury and to assist with identifying meaningful job possibilities to assist in this journey;
  • Host employment identification and coordination occurs when an individual isn’t able to participate in a return to work program at their pre-injury employment. A host employer is an employer who agrees to have an injured worker at their workplace when the worker is unable to participate in rehabilitation with their original employer.

If you as an employer are interested in becoming a host employer and participating/assisting in a host employment placement please provider us with your details and we will be in touch.

Occupational Therapy Home Visits (including Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Assessments)

 What’s involved?

  • Our Occupational Therapist will meet at the individual’s home to review the usual activities of daily living with the aim of maximising their ability to be independent, reduce the injury/aggravation in the home and reduce the period of incapacity and disability. Depending on your or your client’s requirements, the ADL assessment would assess one’s ability to undertake activities including, but not limited to:
    • Cleaning and laundering
    • Cooking and food preparation
    • Gardening
    • Mobility and the ability to transfer (ie getting in and out of bed or up from your chair or sofa)
    • Transport
    • Shopping
    • Management of medications
    • Ability to handle finances
    • Personal care and hygiene
  • Development of a comprehensive, clear and informative report to facilitation independence by difficulties with tasks at home or in the community.   Recommendations on home modifications and/or assistive equipment (if required) including cost and where to source.  Detail will also be provided regarding functional abilities, opinions/concerns, future possible work capacity, symptom management and recommendations to assist the individual to progress independently, safely and successfully.